• Newham farm front side, viewed from a low angle
    A New Cornish Country House

    This was a major project (over £1 million) and Russell was clear sighted throughout about the huge potential of the property. All his ideas gelled into producing a harmonious whole. Sensitive to the views of his client but provides excellent independent advice. Terrific attention to detail from initial drawings to supervision of the builder. Planning Permission was expected to be a problem but his creativity and focus on the issue secured a successful result. If we could not envisage his idea he would create a model of life size drawings which were hugely helpful.

    Established a good professional relationship with the builder but was quick to spot even small issues which were corrected in good time. He finished two years ago but we still say how lucky we were to find him.”


  • Picture of the Classically styled Newham farm being built in Cornwall

    “This was a complicated assignment requiring to houses to be joined. We were looking for an architect with a vision of what the whole would look like. We chose Russell Taylor because we were impressed with their flair and design skills.  We were also impressed with how they were able to work with our ideas and translate and mould them into the overall plans.       The firm greatly surpassed our high expectations. Their drawings were very imaginative and exciting. They spent a lot of time on site and their sharp eyes spotted any short cuts the builders took. Equally they were pragmatic with regard to any building difficulties encountered by the builders and structural surveyors.       We were delighted with Russell Taylor’s work from first to last. This house is a monument to a superb architect and a very good builder.”

    H.S. – owner

  • Classically styled ceiling of the Narthex at Norwich Cathedral
    THE NARTHEX of Norwich Cathedral of St John

    “I would like to draw your reader’s attention to an architectural gem recently opened in Norwich.    This is the Narthex extension to St John’s Catholic Cathedral.   Here is a building human in scale, showing craftsmanship of a high order, with superb detailing, designed clearly by an architect who understands the play of light on surface. It cleverly incorporates an existing hall into the new building and by including the shop formerly situated incongrously in the cathedral, restores the integrity of St. John. All in all, it is a welcome addition to our architectural heritage

    Unsolicited letter sent by R. Loveday to Eastern Daily Press,  April 2010