• Classically styled ceiling of the Narthex at Norwich Cathedral
    THE NARTHEX of Norwich Cathedral of St John

    “I would like to draw your reader’s attention to an architectural gem recently opened in Norwich.    This is the Narthex extension to St John’s Catholic Cathedral.   Here is a building human in scale, showing craftsmanship of a high order, with superb detailing, designed clearly by an architect who understands the play of light on surface. It cleverly incorporates an existing hall into the new building and by including the shop formerly situated incongrously in the cathedral, restores the integrity of St. John. All in all, it is a welcome addition to our architectural heritage

    Unsolicited letter sent by R. Loveday to Eastern Daily Press,  April 2010


    “We went to the RIBA website and made a shortlist of people who did the sort of project we were undertaking. We Knew from the Russell Taylor Architects website that Russell was good at old buildings, and ours is an old building .   Russell has a very calming approach. He is unflappable! His knowledge and understanding of the Listed Building rules and how they are/should be applied was absolutely vital. The usually very difficult Conservation Officers at Greenwich Council bowed to his expertise.     We also greatly appreciated help prom the practice with working out how to create enough bathrooms and how to get pipes to be invisible and lead to one wall where we have downpipes. Without Russell’s very practical mind the builder would have got us to have an awful macerator toilet; after this example of lateral thinking my husband and I felt empowered to approach the project with this same problem-solving attitude, which was a useful thing to learn 

    Z.T. – owner


    “Dear Russell,  I wanted to write and let you know we have now furnished the Orangery and are enjoying using it. It has completely changed the orientation of the house and it has been a delight ti sit there. The views over the garden are fantastic. So far it has been wonderfully cool in the heat. We are using the terrace all day long .    Quite right the Orangery has attracted much praise with many favourable comments

    D. T. – owner