Listing: Grade II

Building Cost: £690,000

Location: Central London

Awards: Georgian Group Award 2013 for the re-use of a Georgian building


The aim of this project was to conserve a fine Georgian Town House and to convert it to office use.

13 Ely Place was built in 1773 as a second-rate house, it was arranged as the ubiquitous “London plan”- a large room at the front and a smaller room at the back with the stairs beside it.

13 Ely Place has been put to a number of uses including a school and then a convent. Its character had been smothered under flimsy partitions, crudely inserted services and thick white paint. However, it was obvious that good decorative detail remained reasonably intact and it was imperative that its quality should be conserved and enhanced.

To achieve a conversion, it was a matter of allowing the original design to assert itself, removing most non-Georgian additions and installing discreet services. Overall a gentle touch has been applied to the house, more can then be done when the building is no longer an office.